Inaugural 3rd Generation Mini-Reunion

Chandler, AZ 2006

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The 3rd Generation Cousins held their Inaugural Mini-Reunion. This in part to Debbie Marxen making the suggestion to start this. It all started last year at the 2005 Family Reunion while we were at Aunt Betty's house on Sunday. Debbie told me it would be great if our generation of cousins followed in our parent's footsteps and held our own min-reunion. I told her, if she wants it to happen then I would spread the word and make it happen. Well, I spread the word and it happened.

We held the Mini-reunion in Chandler, AZ at the San Marcos Resort. Other than the 110 degree heat, it was a blast. If we weren't sitting in the pool talking, we were in the hospitality suite talking, oh yea and drinking. If I remember correctly, there were 22 cousins and spouses in attendance. We even had some fly out from the east. We will holding our next event on the east coast in 2008 in the fall, for the leaves color change.

A big thanks goes out to Barbara Bell for making all of the arrangements. It was unfortunate that her husband, Randy, had a quadruple heart by-pass surgery just five days before the reunion. Luckily, Randy was released from the hospital on Friday, June 23rd and is doing really well. Barbara did make the official dinner on Saturday.

We are tentatively planning on having the next Mini-Reunion in New York state in the fall of 2008. I hope more of the 3rd generation can attend.

When you look through the pictures (at bottom of page) you will notice two 4th generation cousins snuck in.

List of Attendees -

  1. Jeff Klinzing
  2. Debbie & Terry Marxen
  3. Claudia Cunerty
  4. Barbara Bell (Dinner only because she had to care for Randy and we were lucky to have her)
  5. Don & Marie Sirney
  6. Sandy & Bill Solyan
  7. Susan & Michael Gregory
  8. Cathie & Spud Tatum
  9. Ellen Flemma
  10. Peggy Simmons
  11. Ron & Gloria Sirney
  12. Judy & Jim Shelton
  13. Beth Sanderson
  14. Katie Sanderson (4th Generation)
   15.  Cherilyn Teague (4th Generation)

Below are some photos of the BIG first ever event. To see a full size version of any of the thumbnails, just click on the photo.