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Aunt Jeanne Jones update as of May 28, 2015

From Debbie Marxen

Hi Sirney Family!

Just wanted to give you an update on my mom, Aunt Jeanne….we are 55 days out since surgery and she is improving everyday! Praise God and thank you all for all of your prayers! They have moved her from the Scottsdale Hospital to the next level of care where she will get physical therapy and rehabilitation. If you are a member of this select group of people, “The Sirney Family”…I want you to know you have some great genes!!!! Our Grandfather John Sirney and our Gramma Olga Sirney made some pretty amazing children, our parents (grandparents and great-grandparents, etc.)! Thank you to all of them (Jack, Howard, Millie, Lois, Bette, Bob, Jeanne, Charlotte, Olga and Richard)! They’re the reason we are here! We come from amazing stock! It is my opinion…without a doubt in my mind…that it is because of their strong faith and trust in God that we are the people we are today. All of us are so fortunate to be a part of this wonderful Sirney Family! My mom at 87 is still with us and hopefully will be at the Sirney Family Reunion in July! Please take a moment to thank God for our blessings and our family! And…please pray for her continued recovery!



Cathie Tatum update as of 03/16/2013


Ever feel like there just aren't enough hours in a day? Probably everyone has. Full time care giving can be overwhelming. Who knew? I didn't, but now I have a whole new appreciation for those who have spent countless hours, days and months, even years, caring for an ailing spouse, parent, child, or friend. We all know people who are doing that or have done that, and like me, have never understood all the demands and commitment involved.  

Cathie and I are in the midst of stretch of seven consecutive weekdays that have at least one medical appointment, sometimes two, either for physical therapy, a doctor visit, or medical tests. All involve the use of a wheelchair. She is able to navigate around the house a bit with her walker, but still is mostly confined to bed. But, ............. she is improving! She is regaining strength in her legs, although she still has occasionally serious discomfort and depends on her meds for relief.

 Cathie looks good. Her upper body strength is normal, which in her case is a lot. Her attitude is generally excellent, although there are brief times when a realization sets in that a total and full recovery may be out of reach. At her visit with the neurologist Thursday he was mildly surprised with the progress she had made but cautioned that there is no way to make a long term prognosis. Her condition, Chronic Inflammatory Demyelinating Poly neuropathy, or CIDP, is not common, and probably no two patients have identical outcomes.

We are now almost four months into Cathie's "situation". Will she ever walk again unassisted, or drive? We believe she will. Will she have good days and not so good indefinitely? Perhaps. We are both taking a more serious look than ever at nutrition and wellness, as we also renew our Faith. 

Thank you all again for your prayers, positive energy and support.  

Blessings to all.   



Cathie Tatum update as of 02/24/2013

Yesterday was moving day. Cathie got her "get out of jail" card and was released into my custody about noon. After getting home she was exhausted and I was concerned that she was no better than before her 37 day hospital stay.  

Thankfully today is a different story. The 30 days of rehab/physical therapy at Brooks have made a significant difference. She has regained considerable strength but still needs assistance, a walker and a wheelchair to get around but she is not nearly as debilitated as she was.  

Cathie's attitude is very good. The support from friends, family and our church has been invaluable. Thank you all so much. We will probably never know the cause of her poly-neuropathy, we suspect a flu shot in combination with some underlying issues that overwhelmed her immune system. We expect that the road to recovery will be long and challenging, including long-term outpatient physical therapy. This, coupled with her grit, determination, and prayer all around, will restore her an even better old self.  

If you know Cathie at all you would not be surprised to know that her stay at Brooks endeared her to the staff; physical therapists, nurses, aids, even doctors. She won many hearts and many were happy for her progress but sad to see her leave. I almost felt guilty taking her away from them. Just one example of blessings that can arise from adversity if you allow them.  

Thank you again for caring. 



For those of you who can't make the reunion in Madison this year, we just wanted to ask you to send us any family info you might want to share--whether important or frivolous.  E-mail will be fine.  If you have some pictures too, we'd be thrilled.  We want to show pictures in the community room and we'll download them to a disc.

 Finally, we have an exciting raffle this year.  Debbie has made a beautiful quilt even though she will be unable to join us.  Sandi has embroidered a "12 days of Christmas" wall hanging.  I will be auctioning 3 pieces of my pottery.  So we thought we'd give all family members a chance to win these beautiful artworks.  I'll be sending (via snail mail) this letter with some raffle tickets enclosed. If you are interested, just send them back with a check.  You can even buy more, and we'll fill them out for you.

 At $5.00 a ticket, it's a Sirney bargain.

 Sorry you can't join us.  See you at the next one.  


 Peggy, Jeff and Branda


Debbie's quilt                                         Sandi's hand stitching


Hello Sirney Family! 

2011 has arrived so it's time to make plans to attend the 2011 Sirney Reunion!    

The dates are Saturday July 2 through Monday July 4 in Madison, Wisconsin.   

We've selected a hotel in Madison that has views of the State Capitol and one of the 4 lakes.  The Concourse Hotel has a fantastic hospitality suite that we have reserved - there's a seating area, large table and a bar.  Plenty of room for everyone to gather and share photos and stories.  For room reservations call the Concourse Hotel at 1-800-356-8293, ask for Reservations and the block of rooms is under Sirney Family Reunion (if asked, our Reunion ID # is 108931).  Rooms are $134 for 2 people.  Please make your reservation by June 3! 

Anyone arriving Friday or early Saturday morning should plan to join us at the Farmer's Market which is held every Saturday morning  on the Capitol Square.  It's more like a mini-festival  with live music, artisan booths, bakery stands and of course farm stands.   

We'll start off the reunion with the Family Dinner on Saturday July 2.  We've found a fantastic space on the lakefront that will have a great view of Rhythm and Booms, the Midwest's largest Fourth of July (or in this case, July 2) fireworks display.  We'll have the space to ourselves and will be able to run photo slideshows on the televisions.  

Sunday, July 3 is reserved for exploring the city and surrounding area.  Touring the State Capitol building, visiting Frank Lloyd Wright sites, golfing, the Wisconsin Dells (largest collection of water parks in the midwest), SummerFest (the world's largest music festival,  80 miles away, June 29-July 9), shopping on State Street, exploring the University of Wisconsin campus, playing at the Children's Museum, or getting an art fix at the Chazen Art Museum or the Madison Museum of Contemporary Art.  We'll have suggestions for large groups to go to dinner together too.  We'll have a scanner in the hospitality room so plan to bring along your photos to be scanned.   

Monday, July 4 we're planning a brunch picnic at our home which is a 10 minute drive from the hotel and located on one of the 4 lakes.  

 We're excited for summer (especially with 2 feet of snow on the ground and sub-zero temps expected this weekend) and looking forward to showing you all our beautiful city.  Below is a picture of downtown Madison.  The Concourse Hotel and the location for the Family Dinner are both marked.




Mom's (Cathy Tatum) surgery went very well.  The best news is that the cancer has not spread so she will not need chemo or radiation (yay!).  The surgery took less time than expected and first doctor (general surgeon) was able to save a lot of skin and tissue.  The second doctor (plastic surgeon) called mom a 'model patient' because just a day after surgery, she was able to do things for herself.  But I think it's really because she looked beautiful just a day after! 

 She will have some recovery ahead of her, including soreness and emotional healing, and then will be off to another surgery.  Her first follow up will be next Thursday with the plastic surgeon (who is only 33!) and then as often as she needs after that.  We don't know when her next surgery will be (reduction on the right side and to make her breasts look 23 again) because she will be busy doing what she does best.. putting others first.  Hunter and Kris are due with their first baby the beginning of April and she wants to be sure they have all the help they need before she has to take it easy. 

 You can see from the picture attached how great she looked just the day after.  I think Ashton (my baby boy) helped to speed up recovery. 



This is a follow up on my Mom (Aunt Lois), and I’m afraid it is bad news. She underwent extensive testing on yesterday and today to find out the extent of the cancer. Tuesday she had an esophageal sonogram and today it was a full body PET scan. The findings were that she has a stage four cancer that has spread to her lymph nodes and shoulder. So far, it has not reached any major organs. Surgery is not a possibility nor is radiation treatment. She is going to undergo chemo therapy to stop its advance for awhile and hopefully make it retreat. The best news is that her doctor told her that he was treating another patient who has had the chemo treatment for five years and he is still working.

 Mom and Dad are heading home tomorrow and they have an appointment with a local oncologist who was highly recommended by both her Mayo Clinic and local doctors. This is good because that means that she can get the treatment she needs real close to home.

 Right now she is really tired because of the hectic schedule she and Dad have been through the past couple of days, but she is in pretty good physical health and she is strong. Mom is determined to try to keep in good spirits and fight the fight.

 Please keep Mom, Dad and Cathy in your prayers to help them all out.

 Your cousin,



I just wanted to let you know, and ask that you share with the family, that my Mom (Lois) was diagnosed with cancer of the esophagus early last week. We don’t know how severe it is yet, or the stage, but we know it is serious and will require major surgery. Mom is keeping positive and preparing to do what she does best, she gets better. Mom and Dad are heading to the Mayo Clinic in Jacksonville on Sunday. We’re thinking that she will undergo surgery sometime next week, but we’re not sure of the schedule yet.

 This means that, unfortunately, they won’t be able to attend Uncle Bob’s services. I know that Janet called Dad yesterday to let him know, and I spoke with Dad last night and he is holding up, but is of course very sad, as we all are I’m sure. Dad also spoke with Aunt Jeanne last night and was going to call Aunt Betty today. Rick and I will be going to Gibsonia.  

Our condolences and prayers are especially with the R.A. Sirney family. Please keep my Mom and Dad in your prayers too.




It is my honor and pleasure to announce the recent wedding of John Ashton Sirney (Uncle Jack) and Marjorie Ketchum. The happy occasion occurred on August 19, 2006 at East Gate Chapel, Eglin Air Force Base, Florida. Richard Sirney was best man. Chaplin Bright, of the Air Force Base, officiated at the charming early evening ceremony. After the ceremony, approximately 125 guests joined the bride and groom for dinner and dancing at the Officers' Club on the base.

 The bride and groom visited family in Pennsylvania and Ohio following the wedding, and are now at home at 51 Poquito Road in Shalimar, FL.

When I receive photos, they will be posted.

***I received a photo and you can view it by clicking HERE.***



Hunter Tatum married Kris Honnila. Here is what the proud Mother, Cathie, had to say.

Hunter married the former Kris Honnila on May 20, 2006 in Jacksonville, FL. Kris has changed her name to Tatum. I think that we have told you how much we love her. I am glad that Hunter waited. Spud and I feel real blessed by both of our kids spouses.



Ellen Flemma told me she sold her house in Annapolis and has rented a house about 2 1/2 miles from Aunt Millie and Uncle Matt. She wanted to be closer to her Parents. I can't blame her since them and everyone else is getting older. Well everyone but me. Anyways, here is what she sent to me.

Have sold my house in Annapolis and the closing is the 19th of May.  Have rented a house about 2-1/2 miles from Dad and Mom.  I can't wait for the move to be finished.  It's been a bear dejunking after 20 years in this house.  This is something that you might wish on your worst enemy!
By the way, if you have ever taken out a line of credit on your house, not used it or had a zero balance, and then the bank you had the line of credit with is sold, make sure that the original bank removes the line of credit from your title.  I'm currently trying to get two lines of credit removed that are from banks that no longer exist.  The lines of credit were opened in 1987 and 1992.  I have no statements that these lines of credit were removed upon the sale of the banks and apparently they never were--because they are showing up on the title
There was a time when banks were absorbing the closing costs of opening a line of credit to entice a homeowner to open the credit line.  I think this is what I'm now having to get cleared.


I received this email from Janet Mitchell. Janet is the daughter of Uncle Bob Sirney.

Just wanted to let you know that Dad (Uncle Bob) came home from the hospital on Friday. He had climbed up a ladder and fell into some bushes at the house. So on Tuesday Mom called his cardiologist and he said to send him in. So they did a CAT scan on him to make sure he wasn't having another stroke and to check on the 2 aneurysms he has on his abdominal aorta. From here on out I'll call them AAA, anyways these are not new and have been there approximately 2-3 years. They are inoperable as Dad is not a very good candidate for surgery anymore. Personally I don't know of 1 surgeon that would touch him. So he is home and suppose to be quiet---this I have to see. As far as the AAA are the one behind the stomach has grown slightly larger and a vascular surgeon was called in to look at it but no surgery will be performed so we are just watching them. When he left the hospital, Uncle Matt was still in and felt better on Friday. This is good news and Aunt Millie does have a bad cold. There is an upper respiratory virus running around along with the flu here. Normal for this time of year and the weather we have been having. Hardly any snow days. Are 30-40 with nights in the teens. This week we will be hitting the 50's--good for flu and colds. And pneumonia. My sons and I are looking forward to the one in 2007.


Jonathan and Jennifer Sirney, son and daughter-in-law of Robb and Sandra Sirney and grandson and granddaughter-in-law of Rich and Lois Sirney, are the proud parents of a baby girl. Kaylynn Marie Kanabuchi Sirney was born on February 27, 2006 at 3:29pm, at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, weighing 5lbs 13.5 oz and 19.5 inches long. To view photos of Kaylynn, go to The New Baby Page and then click on her name.


News on Uncles Matt and Bob and also Aunt Millie

We just realized that we should update you on medical situations in PA.  My Dad (Matt) went into the hospital last weekend with a variety of symptoms.  After a  week there, I think that his diagnosis is "congestive heart failure".  They still seem to be unable to totally regulate his heart but they are making some progress.  He's much calmer now and improving, but still there.  He's in Passavant Hospital.
In the meantime Uncle Bob was admitted to the same floor sometime during the week.  He thought that he had a hernia, but also seems to have 2 aneurysms that are probably inoperable.  He is still there also.  They visit each other during the day.  What a way to have a family reunion!
I just talked to Mom this morning and she has a very bad cold (according to her) but we suspect pneumonia again.  Ellen has been there all week but has to leave today.  Tim and I are going tonight.  With everyone working or far away, it looks like we are going to have to find someone to be at the house with them at least part of every day.  If Mom has to go to the hospital, she goes to Pittsburgh (West Penn) so she wouldn't be joining the men.
Please pass this on to the family.  Pray for them all
Love Peggy 

I am going to take a guess and say the hospital's address is:

UPMC Passavant

9100 Babcock Blvd

Pittsburgh, PA 15237

If someone informs me I am wrong, I will let you know.



The following information was received from Jim and Judy Shelton

On Saturday 18 Feb 06, there was a Memorial Service at Rock of the Foothill church in La Verne (the church the Howard and Marian Sirney attended) for Howard.  It was very nice and provided closure for Howard's Sisters and Brothers, as well as all the Sirney church friends, plus the rest of the children that were not invited to the graveside service that Connie and Mamie had earlier.  Then there was a reception at Susan and Michael Gregory's house that was attended by all who were at the church service.



Nicole Caraccioli sent me a couple new photos of Caydi. Click here.


The following email was received from Judy Shelton.

We got word that Howard's ashes were interned at Oakdale Commentary next to Marian in Glendora, California on Friday, January 20, 2006.  Mamie Reynosa's family and Connie David's family witnessed the gravesite internment.  This was a private internment for the Reynosa's and David's families.  We now know that Howard has been laid to rest next to Marian.


I received photos of Jamison Laswell Early. Jamison is the daughter of Kelly and Cameron Early. Click here to see photos.

Jessica and Santiago Sierras, daughter and son-in-law of Alicia and Dave Stewart, are the proud parents of a baby girl. She was born Friday, December 30, 2005 at 2:42 am.  Her name is Alexis Marie Sierras, she weighed 6 lbs 6 1/2 oz, and was 19" long.  Mom and daughter are doing well!


I have it on good authority that Uncle Rich and Aunt Lois will be Great Grandparents this coming March. Jonathan and Jennifer Sirney, son and daughter in-law of Robb and Sandra Sirney are expecting their first child. Jonathan or JW recently returned from Iraq.

Marc and Carrie Monnie are expecting their second child sometime next year.

Hunter Tatum, son of Spud and Cathy Tatum and his fiancé, Chris, have set a date for their wedding. It will be May 20, 2006.



I received an update about Aunt Millie from Lin Hawkins on 11-6-05. Lin said: She is in the hospital to correct a medication problem, she is weak but okay.  She is 98 lbs just about the same as the past couple years.  She is dealing with arthritis and just coming off a respiratory infection.  Matthew and I are watching her pretty closely with her doctors. She'll be out by Monday, but still really cannot have people at the house for more than a couple of hours.  It is a great strain, her hands and wrist hurt and are very sore.  Matthew is treating her also with herbs and acupuncture and they work to improve and stabilize the arthritis.


There was a new addition to the Howard Sirney family. Ron and Gloria's daughter and son-in-law, Lance and Nicole Caraccioli, have a new baby girl. Her name is Caydi Marie, she was born October 25, 2005 at 8:15 PM, weighed in at 7 lbs 5.9 ozs and 20 inches. Click here for photos.


It is with extreme sadness that I have to inform everyone of the passing of Uncle Howard. Uncle Howard passed away Thursday, November 3, 2005 just before noon. He had been on life support in the ICU. He was 87 years old. At this time (11-4-05) there are no plans for a memorial service. Judy is hoping to have a grave site service. I will try to keep you informed.


Aunt Millie is in the hospital.  She is very weak, down to 80 lb. They are trying to diagnose what is wrong. (11-4-05)


There is some really great news.

This from Claudia Cunerty;

Kelly and Cameron Early had a baby girl last Tuesday, August 2nd.  Her name is Jamison Laswell Early and she was 8lbs. 10oz. and 20in. She is so adorable!!  They are all doing great and adjusting well to being parents.  Bill and I are so excited to be's fun!!

Unfortunately, the first posting of family news is something that is very sad to all of us.

Jim Flemma, our cousin Ellen's husband, died Monday morning, July 25.  He died at home of cancer.  Jim and Ellen lived in Annapolis, MD.

The funeral will be held in New York.  Jim was 66.


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