2007 Family Dinner and Brunch

2007 Sirney Family Reunion

Buccaneer Beach Resort

Arrive 6/21/2007 – Depart 6/25/2007

Guaranteed prices until 6/1/2007

Island side guestroom - $98.00

Ocean side guestroom - $116.00

Junior & Parlor Suites - $143.00

Toll free 1-877-842-3224 (mention Sirney Family Reunion)


It is time to make your reservations for the reunion, if you have not done so already. The cut off date is June 1st. The hotel representative told me that they are filling up fast, so they may need rooms, from our block, that are not booked by the 1st. We still have about 10 rooms available.  

Please remember to send Cathie, your family history by June 1st. We will need time to get them copied.  We are asking for one history of the original ten sibling’s families, from the last reunion to date. This is going to be a real task for the larger families, i.e. Howard Sirney & Matt Hawkins. Please, and this is very important, send a history even if your branch of the family is not going to be represented at the reunion.  A little hint; bone up on your Sirney family history, you may have need for the information. 

Saturday night dinner and Sunday brunch will be at the hotel. Remember, we are at the beach so dress casually. We will be taking family pictures prior to dinner. You will receive a schedule of events when you arrive at the hotel. We will have this information available in the hospitality room. Unfortunately, the hospitality room can only be accessed by stairs. We are trying to get this changed, but if we can’t we are very sorry for any inconvenience this may cause. Please bring family pictures to share. 

Debbie is once again donating a beautiful quilt that she has made specifically for the reunion, to be auctioned at the family dinner. Tickets will be $5.00 each. The money that is collected is used to off set costs for mailings and etc. for the reunions. You are going to have to buy several tickets to have a fighting chance to beat out the Teague family for the quilt. They have won, how many is it now---three?  That Bob Teague is really lucky!

Please return the bottom portion of this letter and a check to cover your meals, by June 15th to Cathie Tatum, 12000 Acornshell Way, Jacksonville, FL. 32223

Please list the names of your family that are attending the reunion the way you would like them to appear on the name tags.


Saturday evening “southern buffet”                                                     Names for name tags

$28.00 per Adult and $14.00 per child 10 and under

# Of Adults_________X 28.00 =_________________

# Of Children_______X 14.00 =_________________ 

Sunday morning brunch

$15.00 per Adult and $7.50 per child 10 and under

# Of Adults____________X15.00 =______________     

# Of Children__________X 7.50 =_______________